Season 2 | Episode 008 | Being Present ft. BalletFriends

I am beyond grateful and excited to introduce you to Josh and Laurie, from Ballet Friends!

I have been a fan of Ballet Friends for many years, and have seen their platform develop into what it is now. Ballet Friends is at and it is a website full of valuable content ranging from vlogs, fitness videos and articles, recipes, interviews and even a shop.

Josh is currently dancing with the English National Ballet, and his twin brother, Laurie, is a former dancer with the Royal Flanders Ballet. Somehow, they manage to work on BalletFriends, creating a community that supports, admires, and shares more than what we know of ballet.

I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did. These two really added value to the table.

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Show Notes

Ballet Friends Website

Ballet Friends YouTube Channel

English National Ballet

Royal Flanders Ballet

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Claudia Suarez